What our customers say about us

"We were particularly impressed by Mark's ability to appreciate the big picture of how our company operates from day one and start contributing immediately. Throughout his time with us he continually demonstrated an ability to get to the core of the issues effectively, grasp complex concepts quickly and simplify them for other players to understand."

"Without them we undoubtedly would not have moved forward. They brought a different perspective to problems in our market and the contribution this has made to our company's re-positioning cannot be over-stated. Great work. Thanks."

"His big picture understanding was complemented by a willingness to get into the nitty-gritty details when required, often digging into what was wrong and what was right when information sources conflicted."

"Aside from the specific technical skills Mark brought, we were also impressed by his broad and extensive financial knowledge, and his ability to blend in with all in the team; he inspired (and amused) a number of our Asian Country Finance Managers with his mentoring."

"Thanks for helping us to achieve this. I feel it has given me more confidence in what I was doing and we can really make this a great company."

"We found Mark to be multi-faceted and able to recognise quickly the strengths and weaknesses of what we had. In fact, he implored us to understand what NOT to get involved in, which was just as important as concentrating on the business drivers we came to identify."

"On behalf of all the shareholders of our group, I wish to express my appreciation for the invaluable contribution of CSL and, in particular, Mark Chewter, to the process of professionalizing our company over the last 4 years.

CSL was there at the origin of this project and has remained at my right hand through the many ups and downs of its implementation. Along the way the CSL team has made significant contributions in many areas, especially those of developing the company's strategy, establishing almost from scratch a finance department equal to the demands of a growing, global company, and providing such relentless leadership as has been required to overcome some unusually large hurdles.

CSL has often raised the difficult questions, disallowed excuses for inaction and, with their strong analytical skills, encouraged us to stay focused on the big issues. Their commitment to driving real results during a time of great change in our company has been notable.

I would recommend CSL to any company looking to take their operations, finances, strategy or value to a higher level."

"I would like to thank Mark for his courage and insightfulness, often in the face of confrontation and the 'we know best attitude' displayed by entrepreneurial business owners. It's only after the event that this attitude is appreciated."