Trust, integrity, independence

Our philosophy

For most companies, whether large or small, early stage or well-established, delivering on the promises they make to their customers is the main focus of their business. Winning customers and satisfying them devours the majority of the work day for the majority of the company's employees. And so it should.

If successful, they must then lead their embryonic organisations to deliver a product which is every bit as good as their promise. They hire manufacturing people, procurement people, logistics people, and HR people to hire the new people they need to hire.

It's easy to understand why many businesses, especially those still developing, feel they don't have time for the myriad finance and administrative functions. Some businesses just never develop the necessary capability to control their finances well. Things like recording transactions, collecting cash, planning growth, monitoring progress and developing internal capabilities tend to get ignored.

The good news is that MyCFO, your outsourced CFO, looks after the finance, planning and administrative side of your business for you, so you can continue to focus on winning customers and delivering on your promises. Hiring one of our principals on a part-time basis is the affordable answer to this conundrum. You do what you do best, and we'll take care of the rest.

Working with MyCFO

We build finance departments which partner with CEOs and senior managers, providing them with the business information, insight and dialogue to grow the value of the company.

We focus on creating value for shareholders, on improving the prioritisation and execution capabilities of managers, and on increasing the work efficiencies and engagement of staff.

At MyCFO, we are financial ronin. We worship the god of shareholder value. Our belief in the pre-eminence of "shareholder value" is the product of all our years of experience in analysing companies, buying and selling companies, and working at the coal face of companies, big and small. It is what we stand for, and it is the root of everything we do.

To help you understand how we will work with you, the MyCFO business creed also includes such principles as: