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Whether you are a majority shareholder, minority shareholder, a company director, a CEO or other C-suite executive, if you realise your company is still working towards achieving expectations, and you think you need another capable person round the table to bolster your efforts, MyCFO is ideally placed to work with you.

No company works optimally. No company works to its full potential or its maximum efficiency. But there are good companies and even great companies, which, through an uncommon confluence of many of the right factors slowly built up over a number of years, consistently achieve their shareholders' goals year after year.

There are also companies, perhaps the majority of companies, who are still on a path to that position. In the words of a school report, they are "working towards achieving expectations." They could do better.

Based on our past experiences, here are some of the reasons you might want to talk to us.

As a shareholder or company director:


As a CEO or C-suite executive, can you imagine your company in a future world in which:


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