Outsourced CFO services available on an
"as-required" basis

About MyCFO

MyCFO helps you to make better decisions, faster, allowing you to clarify, track and achieve your goals.

We specialise in developing the finance and accounting departments of growing or troubled mid-sized companies. We quickly move beyond the basic transaction recording mindset and build a department which can help you to plan and execute your strategy better. We provide you with accurate business information in a timely manner and we help you understand it.

We combine CFO executive services with CFO consulting. Whether you need help for a specific period (interim management), with a specific project (surge capability), or on an ongoing basis (full-time or part-time) to help you develop your company, our capable and experienced principals are the solution to your needs.

Our business model is simple, but resonates with our target market - we divide the time of our internationally experienced principals, making their expertise both affordable and highly impactful for small and mid-sized companies.

We deploy quickly, sometimes next day, and our goal is to be able to contribute immediately.

Our principals served for many years in large multinational companies developing best-practice techniques, and are passionate about bringing their experience to SME's. They are effective communicators who love to coach and share their knowledge but they are most effective (and usually most happy!) when they have rolled up their shirt sleeves and are taking hands-on roles to help you improve your business.

Serving companies with revenues up to USD100m who recognise their need to improve, MyCFO provides peace of mind for shareholders, board members and CEO's.